Tinee Furbert JP, MSc OTR C/NDT ATS CDME

Contact Information & Service Area

Phone (441) 704-5636

Serving the Bermuda Area

Practice Focus, Interests

Tinee is highly involved with her community and has developed a practice where she advocates on behalf of clients’ healthcare and disability needs. Tinee believes health decisions should be keenly observed, processed and managed over a lifespan, to help reduce unhealthy outcomes. Tinee also believes in the importance and inclusion of close relatives and friends in providing the pieces to an individual’s healthcare puzzle for success. Tinee’s spirit is one that treats strangers as friends and believes we all deserve the same chances in life.

Tinee has an interest in:

  • Discharge Planning and Community Reintegration
  • Supporting clients who have travelled outside of Bermuda for medical care and who are transitioning back to their healthcare system to help understand and navigate the healthcare system in Bermuda
  • Helping clients locate the right services for managing their medical conditions and disabilities
  • Helping clients to identify funding sources
  • Advocating for healthcare and disability needs

Professional History

Tinee has been a licensed and registered occupational therapist since 1999 and continues to serves persons in the community in that capacity having worked in skilled nursing facilities, private and public school systems, general, psychiatric and senior specific hospitals and prisons. She has experience working in the field of pediatrics, adolescent/adult mental health, neurology and senior and adult health.

Tinee Furbert assumed the role of Clinical Consultant & Occupational Therapist with Medical House Ltd. in August 2011. She is responsible for consulting with clients on suitable home medical/rehabilitation equipment and home health care supplies that may be compatible with their needs, limitations and strengths. Tinee also provides workshops to health care professionals and caregivers related to occupational therapy, home medical equipment and home health care supplies and needs. Tinee is the former Chairman for the Council for Allied Health Professions and former Chairman for the Disability Advisory Council in Bermuda. Tinee is also the co-founder of Bermuda's Working Women Institute established in 2013 and has served in Bermuda’s Senate since Nov 2016.

Academic Background

Educated at Springfield College, she has obtained a Master’s of Science in Occupational Therapy and a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Services with a concentration in Developmental Rehabilitation. Tinee has furthered her education and training in the field of neurodevelopmental treatment, assistive technology, healthcare advocacy and maintains her National Board of Occupational Therapy certification.

Tinee is a member of the Bermuda Occupational Therapy Association, American Occupational Therapy Association, and National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants. Tinee is married to Shawn and is the proud mother of two children.

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