When Nighttime is Daytime

by Joanna Smith on Jun 12, 2009

There is a remarkable program for people with dementia recently featured today in the New York Times. It offers a night program at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale. People with dementia often become active–and stressed– as day turns to evening. Participants in this program come at the end of the day and have a program of activities designed to help calm then and allow them to safely do activities–and give their families the opportunity to sleep through the night, knowing their family member is well and safely cared for. Follow this link to read about this remarkable program: All-Night Care for Dementia’s Restless Minds

Spinning Hope

by Joanna Smith on Jun 1, 2009

In the last two months, I have accompanied three clients through their first appointment at a Comprehensive Cancer Center. These facilities are located all over the country, frequently at major medical centers which also tend to be teaching hospitals. And I have left those appointments with a feeling of hope for the medical care system of tomorrow…..

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