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by Joanna Smith on Jul 9, 2009

How do you find medicine at a lower cost?  Where can you go to find out what clinical trials are being done for particular condition?  What if you have an ill child and you want to find a support group?  These are some of the questions Healthcare Liaison is asked every day.  We thought it would be helpful to give you some leads on good sites that answer some of these questions.

What about the cost of medicine?  There is a site called “Needy Meds” that can help. (www.needymeds.org).    Needy Meds lists available drug coupons, drug discount cards, all Patient Assistance Programs available through drug companies and more.  They publish “Patient Advocate News” via e-mail which gives all this information as well as listing all the government-sponsored programs that can help with purchase of medications.

Information on Clinical Trials:  Each major medical center will have on its own web site a link to all the clinical trails it is participating in as well as a description of the trial and how to get more information.  In addition, the U.S. Government lists trials at http://clinicaltrials.gov.

Do you have a child who is ill?  The Partnership for Parents  (www.partnershipforparents.org) is an on-line support group web site for parents.  On-line support is available for such topics as talking with the doctor, making treatment decisions, and coping as a family.  If, in addition, you need “on the ground” support, contact Healthcare Liaison (www.healthcareliaison.com).  We have a division dedicated to helping families with seriously ill children.

These can get you started on your search; don’t try to do this all alone.  Medicine is very complex and people do best who pull in many resources to help them.

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