Some Nifty New Apps

by Joanna Smith on Dec 14, 2010

These came to my attention through Harvard_Womens_Health_Watch.htm.

If losing weight is your concerns, look at “Lose It” for iPhone.  It  helps you set up a weight loss program and track calories and exercise.  The one thing it can’t teach you is how to tell when you’ve had enough!

ICE (In Case of Emergency).  An app that allows you to enter basic data about you into your phone:  blood type, family/friend contact information, medications you are taking and medical conditions you have.  Emergency personnel will look for that app if you have a smart phone.

MedPage Today Mobile.  Gives you breaking medical news that will be widely reported.

Outbreaks Near Me.  Uses your phone’s GPS system and the Centers of Disease Control data to pinpoint outbreaks of diseases in your area.

There are many more, but these will get you started!

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