A Home for Bateman

by Joanna Smith on Apr 12, 2013

An elderly client of Healthcare Liaison died this week, and left a 16-year-six-month old cat named Bateman.  Bateman had had a difficult time during my client’s very brief illness until we brought in 24-hour care givers to help my client.  He was glued to them, seeking them out to nestle and purr when they were available.  Each one of them became very attached to him.  It was not hard to do……

So now that his “person” is gone, the dilemma is what to do about Bateman, and this is a common theme when someone dies.  There are no family members who can adopt him, and he is definitely a cat senior citizen, although in good health.  A devoted friend comes twice a day to feed him and give him medicine, and the family is looking for a good home for him.  Interested?  Let us know!

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