There is a Home for Bateman

by Joanna Smith on Apr 25, 2013

Bateman has been adopted!  A woman who already had two cats offered to take him.  He appears to be settling in well and slowly getting to know the other cats. So this story has a happy ending, thanks to energetic and concerned friends and neighbors.

If you know someone who is ill and is concerned about their pet’s future:

The SPCA has a program where the pet can be relinquished to the SPCA and then placed with a specially selected family who agrees to care for the pet.  It is best if this is set up before the owner dies (there is some paperwork to do), but it means that a system is in place for care for the pet in the future.  It can be an enormous relief for an ill friend or family member to know that plans are in place for their pet in the future.