The Funeral Advocate: A New Kind of Advoate

by Joanna Smith on Nov 18, 2010

What is one of the most vulnerable times in life?  It is when a family member is dying or has just died.  You may be distraught, confused and overwhelmed.  And what is one of the most immediate tasks at the time?  Considering and making funeral/memorial service and cremation/burial arrangements.  Now there is a new kind of advocate to help you at that time.

It’s so new, there isn’t a specific title to search for yet on the internet!  It’s an advocate who knows the funeral/mortuary process inside and out from working years in that field, and now wants to work directly for families, helping them through the decision-making and arrangements process while ensuring they are not spending unnecessary amounts of money and are receiving the services they want and need.  Perhaps there was a contract established for services years ago and you need someone to ensure that the contract is being fulfilled.  This advocate can do all that and more, giving you peace of mind at a time of high stress.

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