Holding the Possibility

by Joanna Smith on Nov 20, 2013

I had a client the other day who is struggling with the long-term effects of Hepatitis C.  It has changed her life, and left her frustrated and angry about treatments she can’t seem to access, drugs that aren’t yet approved and delays in care.  I was talking with her the other day as we waited for her liver biopsy to begin, and I asked her how I could best help her.

She replied that she was discouraged and felt that the drug that was about to be (we hope) FDA approved for treatment of Hepatitis C (sofosbuvir) wouldn’t be available to her.

I looked at her face and saw the fear and discouragement there.  And I thought, sometimes what a Healthcare Liaison needs to do is simply be the presence that “holds the possibility” that things will work the way she’d like.  And that is what I told her:  “I know you are very discouraged and believe this drug will not be offered to you.  But I see a real possibility that it will.  So, if you need me to be the one who temporarily holds on to that possibility until you can do it for yourself, I will do that.”

And her answer?  She let out a long sign of relief and said “yes, please hold on to that for me.”……..