Specializing in Children

When your child is ill, you want information, support and assistance with coordination of your child's care. Healthcare Liaison offers assistance in seeking cutting-edge treatments, coordination of specialists with your child's "medical home", resources for financial and emotional support and insurance problem-solving.

People Frequently Ask

  • How do we decide what to do?
  • There are so many specialists involved; can you coordinate the services?
  • What about our other children? We are worried about them also.
  • Are there resources to help my family and child?

Services for Children and Their Parents

  • Emergencies: Guiding you and your family through a crisis.
  • Planning: Coordinating the medical home and other services.
  • Advocacy: Helping you understand and advocate for the care your child needs.
  • Resources: Locating community resources for your family.

Healthcare Liaison Offers

  • Clear, compassionate explanations of available options
  • Innovative, comprehensive solutions
  • Someone to explain, translate, and frame options for you

Benefits for you and your family

  • Clear information on your healthcare options.
  • Comprehensive services tailored to your specific needs.
  • Personalized Assistance in planning for future healthcare needs.
  • Compassionate Advocacy.

Useful Websites for Children and Families

This site is sponsored by the Nemours Foundation.  It has a separate section for parents and is set up nicely.  www.kidshealth.org  

Comprehensive news and information. www.webmd.com

Site sponsored by the American Academy of Family Physicians and addresses the whole family.  www.familydoctor.org

Additional resources


Joanna Smith LCSW, MPH, CHA

CEO of Healthcare Liaison, Inc. She has 30 years experience in the fields of health, public health and mental health in healthcare systems throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Sima Kahn, MD, CHA

Sima Kahn, MD, CHA

Based in the Puget Sound Region, Serving Patients throughout Washington State

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