Education & Training Overview

Healthcare Liaison offers a variety of workshops for the public and professional advocates and a Credentialing Program for medically trained professionals who want to be certified as Healthcare Advocates. The workshops are designed to enhance Healthcare Advocacy skills for both the public who want to advocate for themselves and for professional advocates who want advanced training.

Credentialing Program

The Credentialing Program is a nine-month course leading to the certification as a healthcare advocate (CHA) and is the first program in the country specifically designed for medical professionals.

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What the Graduates Say:

“This is the course to take!  Taught by an experienced advocate with case studies from her practice.  Insightful.  Loved the small groups!”

“I “grew” my skills in advocacy and now know even more approaches to take with my clients and patients.”

“Wow—you will really like this course:  great case studies and lots of information to help you be a successful advocate.”

“The textbooks were great, and the discussion helped me broaden my perspective on how to help people.  And the price for the program was very reasonable.”

Joanna Smith LCSW, MPH, CHA

CEO of Healthcare Liaison, Inc. She has 30 years experience in the fields of health, public health and mental health in healthcare systems throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Affiliate Advocates

Sima Kahn, MD, CHA

Sima Kahn, MD, CHA

Based in the Puget Sound Region, Serving Patients throughout Washington State

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