For Individuals and Families

People Frequently Ask

  • How do I decide what to do?
  • Are there resources to help me?
  • How do we get the care we want?

Services for Individuals & Families

  • emergencies Emergencies: Guiding you and your family through a crisis.
  • Planning: Arranging for care during and after a hospital stay.
  • Advocacy: Helping you understand and receive the care you need.
  • Resources: Locating community resources for your healthcare needs.
  • Long-term Planning: Addressing plans for care in the future for you and your family.

Healthcare Liaison Offers

  • Clear, compassionate explanations of available options
  • Innovative, comprehensive solutions
  • Someone to explain, translate, and frame options for you

Benefits for you and your family

Clear information on your healthcare options.

  • Comprehensive services tailored to your specific needs.
  • Personalized Assistance in planning for future healthcare needs.
  • Compassionate Advocacy.

Clear, compassionate explanations of options

"Healthcare was a maze to me. I was scheduled for hip replacement surgery and was unsure of the kinds of care available after surgery. Healthcare Liaison was able to explain clearly to me what choices I had after surgery, what my insurance would cover and how I could arrange for them in advance. Then they followed me through my hospitalization and ensured that the services I needed were in place: that was a tremendous relief for me."

Barbara, San Francisco, California

Innovative, comprehensive solutions

"My partner and I are in our 40s and we have young children: we never thought we’d be dealing with any of this. Then my partner had a stroke. I didn't know what the options were: I have to work full time, and I couldn't do that and take care of her and our children at home. Healthcare Liaison explained what our choices were and helped arrange for care at home. They provided thoughtful and supportive care to our entire family."

Sonia and Andrew, San Leandro, California

Someone to explain, translate, and frame options for you

Our baby was born early, at 28 weeks. We were overwhelmed by the technology in the hospital nursery and the constant changes in our baby's condition. Sometimes it was difficult to understand what the medical staff were explaining to us because we were so stressed. Healthcare Liaison stayed with us through the meetings and decision-making times, explaining choices, clarifying medical terminology and providing resources and information. When our baby was ready to leave the hospital, Healthcare Liaison followed us home and continued to work with us over the next few weeks until we were comfortably settled in at home with our baby.

Kim and Ravi, Oakland, California

Joanna Smith LCSW, MPH, CHA

CEO of Healthcare Liaison, Inc. She has 30 years experience in the fields of health, public health and mental health in healthcare systems throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Affiliate Advocates

Sima Kahn, MD, CHA

Sima Kahn, MD, CHA

Based in the Puget Sound Region, Serving Patients throughout Washington State

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Healthcare Liaison Up Close

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Advocates In the News

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When Bob Whitlow, a long-time paraplegic, faced a recent health crisis, he hired a private health advocate to help. The Wall Street Journal MarketWatch
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Press Releases

Healthcare Liaison, Inc. Expands Credentialing Program For Healthcare Advocates

Berkeley, CA
June 15, 2010
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