Recorded Workshop Package

Enhancing Your Healthcare Advocacy Skills

This workshop is an overview of the skills and knowledge bases that are necessary to be an effective healthcare advocate. My ultimate goals are to increase your skill base to work with all ages, as well as help you develop advocacy partnerships. It is open to both the general public and medical professionals.

By the end of the Workshop, you will be able to:

  • Define what a healthcare advocate does, and how it differs from “hands on” medical care
  • Understand communication skills and thinking styles in Healthcare
  • Identify your own conflict resolution style
  • Integrate Palliative Care concepts into advocacy
  • Describe the Continuum of Care
  • Define Precision Medicine and understand its potential
  • Understand strategies to use in advocating for infants and children
  • Identify future trends in advocacy

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You can purchase the entire two-day workshop developed by Healthcare Liaison, complete with all videos in YouTube format. Includes all the slides in the PowerPoint presentation.

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