Dr Victor Okeh

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Private Healthcare Advocate: Certified by Healthcare Liaison, Inc.

Florida license #ME 109619
Serving South Florida and Nigeria-West Africa

Professional History

Dr Victor Okeh is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician and Founder of Hara Global LLC, an organization that advocates for patients and addresses some of the many healthcare issues that face individuals and families.

Dr. Okeh has worked in hospital settings for several years. Prior to becoming a physician, he worked as a respiratory therapist in both hospitals as well as outpatient settings. As a physician, he has seen the effect that organizational fragmentation has on healthcare quality. With his knowledge of the complexity of our current healthcare system, Dr Okeh decided to establish HARA GLOBAL LLC . As a conscientious healthcare provider, he is also aware that physicians play a central role in resource allocation, and the care management process within the healthcare system. As a patient advocate, Dr Okeh is fully equipped with the knowledge that is necessary to advise, educate, advocate and empower each and every one of his clients, to help them meet their healthcare needs.

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Press Releases

Healthcare Liaison, Inc. Expands Credentialing Program For Healthcare Advocates

Berkeley, CA
June 15, 2010
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