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For Families and Children

This site is sponsored by the Nemours Foundation.  It has a separate section for parents and is set up nicely.  

Comprehensive news and information.

Site sponsored by the American Academy of Family Physicians and addresses the whole family.

A great support system for parents.

Has listings in every state.  Offers entertainment, education, and family activities for seriously ill children.

American Academy of Pediatrics web site.

Very interesting site. Letters that other parents have written about their own experiences with their sick children.  Also offers basic information on different disease processes.

A parents’ resource site for children with dyslexia.

A program in CA where kids with autism help other

A website sponsored by the National Institute of Health and explains clinical research to children and families.

Also from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Lists topics related to children as well as possible treatments for conditions.

Resource for health professionals and families interested in creating a medical home for children.

Patient Advocate Foundation.  Has a comprehensive list of pediatric resources for parents of children diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses.

National Children’s Cancer Society.  Helps children with cancer and their families by providing financial assistance, advocacy, education and emotional support.

Chai Lifeline.  Resources for seriously ill children and their families, including programs, family retreats, insurance support service, wish granting, sibling support.

UnitedHealthcare Childrens Foundation.  Financial assistance for families with ill children, including funding medically necessary services when there is a gap in the commercial health benefit plan coverage.

Advocacy Partners

Independent consultants whose work is well known to us.

Insurance plan selection and treatment options research; advocacy and referrals. Based in Oregon and serving nationwide. Health Advocacy Solutions.

Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

Advocacy, legal referrals, Medicare information, facility-specific information.


Types of cancer, clinical trails, drug protocols, sites for treatment of cancers:

Risk, diagnosis and treatment information.

American Cancer Society.


Guide to diabetes care and research.

Nutrition information, prevention, treatments.

Drug Information

Pill identification, side effects and drug interactions.

Information on drugs, drug interactions, usage, side effects. Includes information on mineral and vitamin supplements.

Research on medications and drug safety.

Healthcare Information

Symptom decision trees, self care information.

Hospital success rates by diagnosis and surgery.

Heart Disease and Stroke

American Heart Association.

Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Joanna Smith LCSW, MPH, CHA

CEO of Healthcare Liaison, Inc. She has 30 years experience in the fields of health, public health and mental health in healthcare systems throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Affiliate Advocates

Sima Kahn, MD, CHA

Sima Kahn, MD, CHA

Based in the Puget Sound Region, Serving Patients throughout Washington State

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Healthcare Liaison Up Close

The Roles of Private Patient Advocates

7 minute audio podcast
Jan. 2011

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Six Ways to Use Communication for Good Patient Transitions

by Joanna Smith

Curaspan Health Group
Sept. 2010

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Advocates In the News

A New Breed: Navigating the Healthcare System

American Way Magazine
May 2013

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Patient's Fear of Being 'Difficult' May Hurt Care

San Francisco Chronicle
May 2012

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When Health System Fails You, Advocates Can Help

When Bob Whitlow, a long-time paraplegic, faced a recent health crisis, he hired a private health advocate to help. The Wall Street Journal MarketWatch
May 2011
(04m:03s video)

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Press Releases

Healthcare Liaison, Inc. Expands Credentialing Program For Healthcare Advocates

Berkeley, CA
June 15, 2010
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